Wednesday, June 20, 2007

About FirstGlance FF

With thousands of film festivals out there, why should you choose FirstGlance™? FirstGlance™ has currently run 16 successful events with our 9th annual Philly festival in June 2006 and our 7th annual Hollywood event in December 2006. FirstGlance™ Films is run by indie filmmakers, so we know what filmmakers are looking for…resources for getting their projects completed and visibility for their projects!!

We have worked relentlessly with sponsors, partners and other professionals in the industry to get each filmmaker the attention they deserve. Our goal is to get everyone seen, whether it be at the festivals, on cable, on a DVD in your own home, downloaded full screen right to your computer, in a national theater chain, on an iPod, broadcast on airlines, or to watch on your cell phone. We are working hard to get you visibility!

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