Friday, February 29, 2008

FirstGlance welcomes Greenestreet Films

We are excited to announce that Fisher Stevens and Greenestreet Films will be a part of our esteemed panel of judges for our 5th annual Short and Feature Screenplay Competitions, which open for submissions on April 11-13 2008.

If you missed it, Fisher was on February 28th episode of "LOST"

Not only is he a great supporter of Truly Indie Filmmaking, he is also an actor with many years of experience in TV and film.
FirstGlance Films and our festivals and Script Contests are very happy to have his company onboard.

In our continuing effort to give up and coming writers visibility and industry opportunities we look forward to this partnership to lead to many more...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to FirstGlance Film Fest 8 Hollywood

FirstGlance™ Film festivals began in 1996 in the basement of a small theater in Center City Philadelphia.We started as a small theatre company in Philadelphia that wanted to help fellow filmmakers get their projects shown in a public venue for others to enjoy. It’s mission was a one time weekend to show projects that might otherwise not be seen by moviegoers in the Philadelphia area. With a rented video projector and a bunch of large screen TV’s, we had a successful weekend showing about 20 projects to about 150 people. After the event we received multiple calls and emails from filmmakers and attendees. The FirstGlance™ Film Festival was born. FirstGlance™ decided to move forward and make its festival an annual event. With filmmaker interest, our sister festival opened in Burbank California in 2000 to a similar audience in a 35 seat screening room and has also become a growing annual event.

By 2005, The FirstGlance™ Film Festivals have shown over 400 quality projects to over 10,000 attendees and has grown to 200 seat venues with state of the art projection capabilities.

To date, FirstGlance™ Film Festivals has produced sixteen film festivals and has broadened its audience of both filmmakers and attendees. Currently, FirstGlance™ Film festivals receive close to 1000 entries per year and show close to 80 projects a year. To read about our growth, you can check out our success stories page.

In 2005, FirstGlance™ finds itself on the cusp of a new generation, where 24p, HD, and computer animation can be created on a budget. With the creation of new technologies, short films will be the next hot acquisition. In the past year, we have acquired an acquisitions arm for short films (live action, docs and animated) and FirstGlance™ is on the ground floor of the technology offering filmmakers distribution of short films to cable, internet, retail and rental, DVD distribution, airline network distribution, handheld technologies (iPod, Cell phone, and handhelds). With the potential for your project to be seen by millions of people all over the world and the opportunity for you to profit from each market, don’t pass up FirstGlance™.

We want to be your venue of choice for theatrical, distribution to DVD, Cable, HD, and Internet.

Four feature length films that placed in our festivals have received theatrical distribution and the creation of our first DVD, available online and retail.

In our continuing efforts to support, encourage, exhibit and create new opportunities for truly indie filmmakers, we hope you are as excited as FirstGlance™ to become a part of what is sure to become the next generation of viewing, both in the theater and on TV and the Web.